Lily Heidtman’s 20 Pound Loss with Eat to Lose by Andi Holyfield LDN, R.D gets National Recognition

health_care_heroes_2016Spring and summer provides a fresh start and a new opportunity to commit to a healthier lifestyle. With Andi Holyfield’s Eat to Lose program, Lily not only made lasting changes that improved her health and well-being, but also exceeded their family’s weight loss goals.

The family sought Andi’s help after Lily was in a modeling show on June 27th 2015. Dr. Barry Ricks was concerned about Lily’s health and knew that they would need assistance to follow a healthy diet for weight loss and promote height and bone growth. For Lily, it was a frustrating task.

“My family has a history of diabetes,” she explains. “I was mad at myself. I just wanted to tumble at North Elite. The 20 # weight loss made me a better cheer leader at North Elite. Medicines have side effects…I was determined to get my numbers in line to avoid pills and be the best student and athlete.”

Beyond losing weight, Lily had issues associated with her condition that were of great concern. Her energy would drop at the end of the day and cause dreadful energy lows that interfered with her ability to follow her daily routine.

Andi was able to assist Lily with this, as well as losing the 20 extra pounds. Her education on nutrition was able to help her alter the entire families eating habits and eliminated her energy lows.

“After I followed Andi’s plan, my blood sugar was much more stable and now seem to be a positive influence on my friends at school. My metabolism increased, my weight dropped, I had increased energy and felt better,” says Lily. “Dr. Barry Ricks said I was on the road to a great future. Being overweight no longer comes up at doctor visits.”

Lily was also able to totally focus in the classroom better and make mostly A’s. Andi’s personalized plan gave Lily the tools to take control of her health and travel as an athlete eating healthy on the go.

Luckily, Lily had the support of her entire family and school on his journey to better health. Her Mom and Dad also followed Andi’s plan and has been pleased with the results. She even won an award at school for being the most influential student with her platform promoting health in kids.

“We tell people about Andi all the time. I always tell them her plan is the easiest one I have ever tried, and I have tried so many,” says Lily. “I am so glad we called her. This is a plan you can live with.

Her ideas and tips for meal preparation made it easy to put nutritious meals on the table quickly. Since my parents work full time, meal prep was key to keeping us on track.”

Eat to Lose is a six -week weight loss program for children and adults that is personalized to suit your individual

lifestyle and authentic food cravings. This successful, customized program educates patients to make informed choices, understand nutrition labels, enjoy their favorite restaurants, consider portions, and manage food cravings. With over seventeen years of expertise, Andi has assisted countless adults and children to develop lasting, healthier eating habits.

HH Winner 2016 Seal-01Whether the goal is to reduce the risk of heart disease, lose weight, or so simply make more nutritious choices, Eat to Lose works. The program not only helps patients to meet their own personal goals, but like Lily’s results, can also reduce medications associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and reflux.

Losing weight with Andi’s customized program is straightforward and sensible. She offers programs for individuals and couples, as well as corporate wellness diet plans where employees can participate

in groups and individually through a live webinar and computer applications. Businesses that participate encourage their employees to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle in the office and beyond and can provide incentives for employees to achieve results. Often, insurance providers offer discounts on premiums as health goals are met, which can save employers and employees in benefits related costs. Dr. Barry Ricks appreciates Andi’s individualized program and the results it brings.

“Andi is the best source of help with nutrition,” says Lily’s Mom. “She is very knowledgeable and condenses the information so even a child can understand. I highly recommend the Eat to Lose program.” Start taking steps toward a more healthful lifestyle today. With your customized plan from Eat to Lose, you can lose weight, gain confidence, and change your health for the better. Call or text Andi Holyfield at (318) 348-3120, or visit to email Andi to begin your journey today!

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Congratulations to Lily! 20 lbs gone!